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Parts & Engine for sale

Contact us to obtain more informations and pictures of the item of your choice.

Contactez-nous pour obtenir plus d'informations et des photographies de l'objet de votre choix.

Handley-Page O/400 propeller

Massive and beautiful original four-blades propeller with a 3,35m diameter. It equipped Handley-Page O/400 bomber powered by V12 Rolls-Royce Eagle Serie 8 engine.

Restored - static condition

Price: 15.000€


Original Caudron G4 engine nacelle (rebuilt)

Based on original Caudron G4 engine nacelle struts coming from an identified aircraft (serial number), this nacelle is a perfect item for a museum already owning a LeRhone 9C 80hp engine. It’s just a perfect way to display the engine with the uncovered (or covered) nacelle.

Comes with a rolling stand.

 Options: carb, oil & fuel tank, cowling, covering,…


Price: from 28.000€


SPAD VII / CAUDRON G4 magneto switch (Our repro)

Caudron G4 and Spad VII share the same magneto switch. We had to reproduce new ones for our projects. Extras are now available.

Price: 550€ HT


Tampier lever Assembly (Our repro)

This Tampier lever assembly is a reproduction based on an original one. Perfect for rotary engine equipped aircraft (Nieuport, Caudron, Sopwith) but also SPAD powered by Hispano-Suiza V8 engine.

Price: 850€ HT


WW1 french built seat (Our repro)

This seat is a 100% authentic reproduction of a Caudron G4 seat. This is the same seat that is used on the G3 but also on various French aircrafts up to 1920. We have extra but we can also produce a new seat for your aircraft. Contact us !

Price: 1.800€ HT 

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